Grand Salon d’Art Abordable, Paris, La Bellevilloise

LE GRAND SALON D’ART ABORDABLE in « La Bellevilloise » in Paris, took place in a nice summer and festive mood!

After the installation quite difficult, stress and nerves gave me the impression of being « the nasty small duck » -however I have to thank Alain and Laurence whose kind help allowed me to overcome this hard moment…

The following day, meetings, visits, artistic or simply human exchanges have brought to this event all its interest and gave me wings! Finally it has been very successful because near the half of my exhibited pictures left me to live with the ones who chose to buy them! To touch people so that they want to share a part of their life with an art work or to offer it is always an amazing emotion.

Many thanks to all the people who helped me, supported me, visited, have bought paintings, encouraged me, fed me, accommodated, met me !