Mail Art ABAD memento – Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Memento of a moment of joy… in a trip about death.

I was going to perform at the inauguration of the ABAD Italy project « Un Libro Sulla Morte – Omaggio a Ray Johnson » with musician Fabien Sevilla a live creation of « A Book About Death ».. I had yet never met the musician I would perform with…
A few days before, my friend Joy’s father: Raymond died… but he escorted me in every moment of this strange period of emptyness and fullness preparing that creation… and he shared with me all along my trip, particularly when I went to see the Romanens show with Fabien Sevilla’s group… where poetry and music made me feel totally connected with Ray and his family.. We’ve made a nice performance.. Thanks Ray! May your soul now enjoy peace and rest.
A moment of joy, on my way to meet death, in memory of Raymond.

~ by Helena Gath