Resume (in english)

She was born in Paris of an Argentinian father and a French mother.
She grew up in France, in the richness of cultural diversity and artistic Latin American world. Her eyes and her hands were guided by Leo Torres Agüero, Ernesto Deira, Dora Castro, Sergio Enquin, Kántaro, Jorge Milchberg, Pablo Trosman, Jorge Svartzman, Hel-leni Ferré, Mara Kotov …designers, sculptors, musicians, artists, and family friends who opened up her artistic world, and fertilized her own skills and creativity.
Then she carried on academic studies. She was quite young, when she got married with a Peruvian artist with whom she started a family and shared about 20 years full of love and Andean culture.
In 2004 she completed her training with a whole range of computer drawing and publication that opened up new creative possibilities for her.
In 2005 she returned to Buenos Aires after 17 years… and was fortunate enough to be guided again by Mara Kotov (Delmonte’s agent), and to meet Juan Carlos Benitez, Mirtha Dermisache, and Gabriela Aberastury with whom she had the opportunity to discover new techniques.

Drawings, Paintings, Artist Books, Installations, Art Performances…. Artistic Creation is her main activity!

She is also an International Union Of Mail Artists (IUOMA) member…

She has been producing artists’ books and postcards in single copy or micro-edition and working on children’s albums. She also works on flyers, cd booklets, …